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It’s Jay and his cat, PEPE! If you want to wish everyone a Midevenings Christmas later this year, use this as your christmas card!

New Episodes Premiere April 2nd! Watch Wednesday Nights At Midnight!

New episodes of Midevenings will premiere on April 2nd following the return of The Chris Gethard Show on

Until then, join us in the chat room every Wednesday night at midnight as we’ll be watching classic episodes!  Join the strange group of people who stay up late and watch public access television and talk to each other.  Like friends.

Check out Random Jean’s blog for Midevenings news as she updates it WAY more than I ever do on this page.

Apparently We Have A Tumblr

I asked on Twitter for someone to start a Midevenings Tumblr and I was told I already had one.  I still don’t know what this is or how it works.  The future is passing me by.  I still have an iPod Nano and I’m so afraid it will break and I won’t know what the new iPod is like or how to work it.  

Hope everyone is enjoying the new shows.  We still have 6 more new episodes to come and then exciting stuff coming up this summer.  

Click here to watch the Midevenings Holiday Show LIVE Dec 11, 2012 TOMORROW NIGHT at 9PM!

How to watch Midevenings With Jay Miller on Wednesday NIghts

Every week I’m trying to figure out how to give everyone all the info on how to watch the show.  Well, here it is.

Each show is on at midnight!

The show is on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network).  You can find your channel here:

The show streams live on the MNN site.  You can watch it here:

I’m in the chat room during the show.  Come watch and chat with us.

The show is on Staten Island Cable/FIOS: Channel 34

Can’t watch it live at midnight?  The full show is posted on YouTube !!

Hope you enjoy!

Tonight’s The Night

Tonight the show premiers at Midnight in the following places:

Staten Island: 

CTV Channel 35

FIOS Channel 35


Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Go here for channel info:


The entire show will be posted at midnight tonight.

Enjoy and spread the word!!

New Midevenings Clips

We just finished filming 2 new episodes of the 5th season of Midevenings with Jay Miller now filmed LIVE at CTV studios.  I have to figure out how to put them up on iTunes and then they’ll be a new episode every month.  

Starting in the fall we have a very excited announcement to make regarding our show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

But for now enjoy the BRAND NEW clips put up every Monday on our YouTube channel!!

Yay and Blech!

The show is officially back with new episodes this summer.

But no live shows as of now.  Huh?!

Plus, we didn’t get the spot on Manhattan Neighborhood Network that we’ve been fighting for since last year.  Wahh!

The shit we’re gonna make now is gonna be so stupid. 



I Have Something Cooking

Should know the details by next week.  

I’ll announce it at my show next Thursday night Feb. 24th.


So it’s October 2nd, exactly 3 months since we did our first show over the summer and I still have no episodes to put up.  I don’t even have clips to put up.  I don’t have new shows to add to Manhattan Neighborhood Network.  

It sucks.  I’m so frustrated but there’s nothing I can do except go to school for video production and edit it myself sometime next year.

Unless there’s a magic person out there who would like to be involved in a show that is clearly on its last legs.